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The guiding vision of our team building programs is to create an intimate connection between the island's rich culture, history and spectacular natural environment and each participant.
Our stage? From the natual protected environment of the Paklinski Island archipleago to the ancient alleys of Hvar Town - from the lush hills and vineyards of the island's unspoiled Mediteranean interior to the magical villages that make Hvar so unforgettable.
Each team program is custom - deisgned to your specific requirements: the purpose of team building event; the time we need to make sure each aspect of your event produces the desired results; the level of difficulty, excitement or compexity that you want to create; the weather; number of participants; your budget and more.
Hvar DMC's professional staff has worked with groups as small as 10 to as large as 400 people. So whether it's a high - energy sea - based speedboat challenge, a sophisticated treasure hunt among the ancients or anything in between - we're ready to help you create a program that brings new excitement, fun and dedication to your organizational development.

Some of the actual team building programs produced by Hvar DMC:

Paklinski Islands Treasure Hunt
Enjoy the thrill of discovery and the pristine nature of Hvar’s archipelago as you follow the clues to find a hidden treasure chest! We’ll first divide the group into smaller teams, give them directions to the first clue, and then stand back and watch the excitement begin on a race of discovery that will take them across several of the breathtaking Paklinski Islands. This dynamic activity employs cooperative problem solving and navigation skills, making it an outstanding team - building event for small groups of up to 50 people.

Paklinski Island Speed Boat Safari
Unlike our Paklinski Island Treasure Hunt, the main focus of the speed boat safari is not the race to the finish, it’s problem solving and earning as many points as possible along the way. We've set up 8 task locations, with 12 tasks in total. At each location, teams spend 15 minutes or so trying to rack up points. On each boat, the skipper is completly in the dark - only the group can tell him where to go next! The Speed Boat Safari is one of our most popular team building programs because it has challenging intellectual components, physical effort and interactivity and nautical skills - giving everyone a chance to express their creativity and intelligence as they attempt to crack the codes. This program is is great for large groups of people - from 100 on up!

Traditional Wooden Boat Fishing
Life on Hvar is synonymous with the sea itself. For the people of Hvar the sea drives their emotions, dictates their moods and puts bread on their tables. On the island, fishing is a trade and art that has been passed from father to son for countless generations. In this program each team gets the opportunity to learn from a local fisherman and compete against their colleagues. The goal? To see which group catches the most fish! This team event ends with the perfect feast - the fish each group caught; together with fine wine! Traditional fishing is ideal for small groups. We usually put 10 people in a boat - with a maximum of four boats, a total group size of 40.

The Hvar Olympics
The Hvar Olympics is collection of various games that engage basic coordination and strength with teamwork. Participants are divided into small teams that compete against one another in a series of unusual events. Which? Depends on the place and time. Some of the games are arranged and performed on the sea and beach, some of the in the inland of island Hvar in picturesque villages among centuries old stone house in a true and rural Mediterranean landscape.
Some o them games can be set as a part of some tours and excursion before/after the lunch, or coffee & tea break. To make the day on the excursion excited.

Wine & Mediterranean Spice Quiz
an ideal game for rainy days and during the break between the meetings or lunch.

Part 1 - Wine
This festive and educational activity begins with a lecture by of one of the most renowned Croatian winemakers. In his humorous and highly unique style, he will impart some of his viticulture wisdom, point out some of the distinguishing characteristics of different wine and regale the groups with some of the trivia and myth surrounding the region’s most popular wines. After the lecture we will divide the participants into groups and begin a wine quiz. It consists of two segments. The first will be a short written test, taken individually by all group members. Next, group representatives will taste two different wines. Together with their fellow group members they will then compose a creative description for each wine using their newly acquired knowledge and their imagination.

Part 2 - Mediterranean Spices
On the table in front of the participants we'll place 5 small dishes of olive oil enriched with aromatic herbs (sage, lavender, rosemary, basil, bay leave and pepper) and they will have to differentiate the taste by putting a picture of the correct plant that was used to crearte each flavored oil. Wine & Mediterranean Spice Quiz is ideal for small groups of 10 - 20 people and up to 50 - 60 people divided into smaller groups. For larger groups we can create a tournament.

Sailing Scavenger Hunt
This maritime scavenger hunt is an exciting, educational adventure. After being divided into small groups, participants will assemble around their sailboat where a seasoned skipper introduces them to basic sailing skills. After going over the preliminaries, the skipper guides them to a spot somewhere around the Paklinski Islands. There, each sailboat will have to gather about ten objects from the sea. Although guests will sail their own boats, this activity is completely supervised by a qualified skipper to ensure a safe and pleasant experience. The Sailing Scavenger Hunt is ideal for groups of 10 people per boat. The number of sailing boats for this game is unlimited.

Hvar Photo Challenge
This splendid activity combines the art of photography with the always - challenging scavenger hunt. Set either in Hvar’s old town center or on the picturesque island of Palmižana, the objective will be to capture the diverse flora, fauna, people and objects with a digital camera as well as to record all the team members participation in each ‘’thing’. Each group will also have to create a narrative that will illuminate their photographic experience with a story and/or facts. This is an ideal activity, from 10 - 300 people.

Hvar Cup (Sailing Regatta)
An ideal event for competing corporate divisions or product lines! Perfect for large groups, this event is a great introduction for people who’ve always wanted to learn this timeless art. A program that lets each participant discover the sailor in themselves as they and their fellow team mates cast off for the sun! They’ll learn to read the wind and water, to harness nature’s natural energy and fulfil their desire for adventure. Our expert instructors will give each group an intensive short sailing course that will teach them the fundamentals. Then it’s time for our regatta on the Paklinski Island archipelago according to a route we will set in accordance with the Mother Nature. After an exciting day on the sea, we’ll finish with either a festive lunch or dinner at one of Paklisnki Island great restaurants. We can create a regatta for as few as 10 people or an armada for up to 400!

Special custom - designed team building programs
Our staff of professionals can custom design a team building program with you and your staff based on your criteria and budget. To ensure a successful event, please allow at least two weeks to plan your group program.

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