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Paklinski Islands Getaways

The Paklinski Islands are our most popular speedboat programs.. Coming to Hvar and not experiencing Paklinski is like being in Paris and not to visiting the Eiffel Tower, or Florence without the Uffizi. Choose from two terrific programs - each can be custom-tailored to meet the specific requirements of your group!!

Snorkeling the Paklinski Islands
Legend says that the Paklinski Islands came into existence as a result of a secret love between the sea god Poseidon and a nymph. Even today it's easy to see why this lovely necklace of little islands that surrounds the town of Hvar is so special. Spend a day away from the crowded beaches, enjoy the sun in the serenity of hidden coves, swim in a clear - blue sea and relax in the untouched nature of the Paklinski Islands. This trip includes guide/s, snorkeling gear, and if you wish, enjoy a tasty picnic lunch on the boat for a small additional fee. The sights, sounds, and scents of this spectacular trip will be truly memorable.

St.Klement - Vloka Once a Roman villa, later a village dedicated to St. Clement, today Volka lures everyone who wants direct contact with nature and an authentic experience with islanders. While you're here, try a mud bath in the middle of St.Klement bay - legend says that it's containing healing properties.

Hidden Lagoons & Cliffs

Hvar South Hills - Zarace laggon, Dubovica bay, Crvene Stijene (Red Rocks)
Tour the Island Hvar south hills shore in style with our Speedboat Safari. Get an intimate look at the archipelago's pristine nature, including secluded coves and some exquisitely shaped, natural rock formations. Enjoy swimming at hidden small beaches framed by the lush south hill vineyards of Plavac Mali. Find a private sea cave for your group to explore!

Šcedro Island
Perhaps the award for the quietest island in all the Mediterranean goes to Šcedro - just 30 minutes by boat from Hvar, just eight square kilometers and just one place to stay! Wander through the remains of an ancient Dominican monastery, discover the island's wild landscape, vineyards and olive groves and then hit the beach for an exhilirating swim!

Program descriptions:
Each of these tours gives you the opportunity to choose two or three places or activities the group will like doing the most--more swimming, more snorkelling, etc. - we'll arrange the most perfect itinerary!

Meeting point: we will pick the group up at their hotel, villa, private accommodation, where their yacht is moored or meet them at one of our four tour booths in Hvar Town. We will agree on this when the program is booked.
Departure time: between 9 - 11AM. Most of these programs can also be arranged at a time that is convenient for your group, so please ask us what your unique requirements are and we will be happy to get back to you with the particulars and our price. Duration: This is a full - day program, 6 hours - 8 hours but we can make it a half-day program if you request, at a reduced price.
End location: We will end this program where is the most convenient for the group - at the marina, hotel, villa or private accommodation. Just let us know.
What's included: Pick up, the program as described, speedboat, fuel, skipper and refreshment (water, juice), tubes, snorkelling gear
What's extra: This program does not include lunch, so the group can bring a picnic or we can point out local restaurants; items purchased for personal use; gratuities to guide/skipper.
Program type: Nature & wildlife, cultural
Speed boats: This program uses speedboats with 90 - 630HP with a capacity of 6 - 10 people
Activity level: Light
Disabilities friendly: Yes.
Kid friendly: Yes.
Min: The price of this program is per boat, up to 10 passengers
Maximum: up to 8 - 10 people per boat. We can take groups of more up to 200 people at the same time, all together. If your group is larger than this, we can bring different groups at different times so they can all share in this expereince. We can also create a rotating excursion. For example, when one part of the group is at the Paklinski Island Getaway, the other one can be participating in a Jeep Safari, and then they can switch so everyone can share the same experience.


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