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aMAYzing Hvar

Here's just a look at what can happen in less than a week on Hvar...
After a very long and quiet winter, the season can begin with a bang or a with a whimper.
Ours began with such a bang, it's hard to know where to start.

2011 Season Start 2011 Season Start (1) 2011 Season Start (2)
2011 Season Start

But let's begin with an extraordinary VIP group who wanted to do it all in just four days and simply told us to make it happen.
It's a rare client that trusts you so completely. Sure, it's a thrill and boost to your ego, but what if something goes wrong?
I will not mention the group's name, but I will point out that they were the top management of a large corporation, including their spouses.
They were here in Hvar for just 4 nights. And sure enough things didn't begin well--extremely bad weather forced us to cancel their motor yacht transfer to Hvar directly from Split airport. Our only option was the local ferry line and somehow we convinced them to wait 25 min, until we got there (which is impossible and can only happen if the police, ER or Ministry of Traffic orders it—or maybe now, Hvar Tours?!).
Oh yes, their plane landed at 13:45 and the ferry was at 14:30 (it normally takes that long to drive from Split's airport to the ferry). We didn't get to leave the airport until 14:10—not bad considering they all had to clear customs and get their baggage. But as soon as leave, wham! we run smack into a two car accident! Somehow we inched our way around the wreck and zoomed into Split. Thank goodness the ferry agreed to wait for us, because the next catamaran was 2.5 hours later.

aMazing day l: We began our first toruing day with Our Something Extra Hvar City Tour, which was made amazing because we arranged a private audience to the Benedictine Nuns monastery museum to see their UNESCO protected Agava pattern laces.

Agava and Agava Patern Lacaes Agava Patern Laces
Agava pattern laces – UNESCO world heritage protected

aMayzing day 2: The next day, while some of the group had meetings to attend in the Amfora Hotel, we organized a Jewelry Workshop for their spouse on Palmižana, one of the jewels of the offshore Paklinski islands. Leading the workshop were our good friends and also the most talented coral and jewelery artists on Hvar (and I think in Croatia!). A young married couple with long family jewelry-making, their work using Adriatic corals and pearls is just strunning. And what did the guests think about learning how make their own unique pieces of jewelry? Amazing!

Jewlerry workshop Jewlerry workshop (1) Jewlerry workshop (2)
The ladies in the action - Jewelry Workshop for spouses on Palmižana

For lunch we decided that a Food & Wine Paired Lunch at Jelsa would be just perfect. This amazing program is a 7 course lunch prepared with organic ingredients from Hvar's 2.400 year old UNESCO-protected Ager plain - the oldest continuously farmed agricultural plot in the world! Each course is paired with the most desireable vintages from Croatia's premier boutique winemaker: Mr Ivo Dubokovi?. Happy and well-fed, we hopped into 4WD vehicles to take the group on our Hvar Discovery Tour.
This program takes you to Hvar' s most well-known vineyard region - the steep south hills planted with plavac mali--where the clients had a chance to see where the most appreciated wines in Croatia are grown. From there we drove inland and up the dirt track that leads to St.Nikola, Hvar highest peak and a marvelous gazebo to enjioy the spectacular views.

Hvar Island Discovery (2) Hvar Island Discovery Hvar Island Discovery (3) Hvar Island Discovery (1)
Hvar Island discovery afternoon

aMayzing day 3: With the top brass again in meetings, today we decided to give the spouses a distinctly feminine treat - the Island's lavender centre - a village called Velo Grablje, where they met one of the last island lavender producers: Mr.Ivica Tomi?i?. First, Ivica took them for a walk through his nearby lavender fields. And then, this humble and generous man charmed them with a song . Standing there, watching him singing a capella in the empty church of Velo Grablje, was another amazing moment. The walk finished with a delighful brunch we had arranged at the central square of this timeless village.
After a stop back at the hotel, it was time for our afternoon visit to the island of Vis and the famous Blue & Green Caves. The speedboat ride along the Vis shore , visiting Green Cave, Stiniva bay, Biševo and Blue Cave was one thrill after another.
And there was more to come - famous Komiza lobster!!
Komiza is known as the cradle of Adrtatic fishing. And our visit to the Jastožera(lobster cage) Restaurant there was a huge success. The Restaurant, formerly a obster cage breeding factory, was transformed into a restaurant. But even today it’s still be best the restaurant/place where you can enjoy Croatia's finest lobsters.

Velo Grablje  and Green Cave (3) Velo Grablje  and Green Cave (1) Velo Grablje  and Green Cave (2) Velo Grablje  and Green Cave
Velo Grablje church a capella singing, brunch in the middle of village & Green Cave on vis

aMayzing day 4: A whirlwind of a la carte experiences - sailing around the Paklinski Archipelago, diving, sea fun sports and biking. At noon they checked out of their hotel and boarded 5 yachts for the short trip out to Palmižana where they enjoyed fabulous fish at a glorious restaurant located just above the beach. After the lunch we motored into Split for a short Split city tour, a 5 course farewell dinner at another great restaurant (perched above the harbor with an amazing view of the 1,700 year-old Diocletian Palace, the old city and the sea). During the dinner we also introduced the group to the director of the fabled Grabovac winery, whose wines were served during the dinner.

Restaurant view
View frorm the best Split restaurant

The next day at 4AM, the group was at the airport, ready to fly back their homes. And me?
Nothing special - just 150 people from Samsung going on speedboats to Palmižana for lunch and teambuilding. And later the SAME day - a group of 37 all set to enjoy their day adventure plus an evening fishermen's dinner at Zarace lagoon.
As I said, May was pretty aMayzing!


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